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Birmingham Villas is Located at Barangay Neogan, Metro Tagaytay

Brgy. Neogan is in Tagaytay City, it is formerly called as Brgy. Maybalon because of the presence of a big deep well which is the water source of the barangay and its neighboring places. Barangay Neogan is home to many wild cat species and uncommon grasses and shrubs. First occupants of Maybalon then planted coconut trees with very short intervals until one day the entire place was covered with tall green coconut trees and the place was renamed as Neogan, indicating the place as coconut field. Up until today, Brgy. Neogan is a laid back agricultural place with very few people living in it. Crime rate in this place is very low and the community is a picture of happy and accommodating residents.

The attitude of the community is a good insurance that the immediate outside neighboring communities are friendly and peace-loving people. With the nearness of its location to Aguinaldo and Nasugbu Highways, cross intersecting with the famous Tagaytay-Calamba Road, movements in and out of the village is really very easy. This spells convenience for the residents and their families, including tourists and other visiting individuals.

 These are the list easy-accessible schools, churches and other establishments within easy reach:


Olivarez College, Shim International School and Metro Tagaytay School, Bagong Tubig Elementary School, Neogan Elementary School, Isidro Cuadra Elementary School, Academy of World Healing Foundation and others.


Our Lady of Lourdes Parish and Tagaytay Integrated Muslim Mosques, Inc. and the Dominican House of Prayer.

Shopping Centers:

Ayala Malls Serin, Tagaytay City Market, Robinson’s Summit Ridge, Star Baby Dress Supplies, Vista Mart, Mobile Terminal Enterprise and Tagaytay City Market


Tagaytay Medical Center, Lian Rural Health Clinic

Amusement and Food Complex:

Moon Garden Tagaytay, Hardin ni Maria, Nurture Spa Village, Ayala Sky Ranch and Amusement Park, Picnic Grove Complex, People’s Park in the Sky, El Patio Golf Club and Resort, Antonio’s Restaurant, Marcia Adam’s Restaurant, Hillcreek Garden, El Cocinero and Deli de San Honore, among others.

Government Offices:  

Tagaytay City Hall & Brgy. Neogan People’s Hall


Birmingham’s easy access to these mentioned establishments brings the level of comfort and convenience to residents into a higher level. The inner privacy of the compound does not isolate Birmingham community totally from the outside world because of these nearby schools, churches, medical institutions and even government offices are all within easy reach distances.

This abode similar to a paradise is up for grab, you may be one of the lucky 35 residents who can enjoy the freebies of nature without limits. Do call us now or initiate a chat so we can assist you. We have a standby team 24/7 ready to answer your questions and inquiries. We also have a great deal of packages to help you acquire any of these 35 properties at Birmingham minus the usual headache of too much paper works. Our team of licensed real estate brokers have a track record for their professionalism and good service. We will be happy to have you on the loop.

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